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Online scams

Once, unfortunately, you understand that you have been scammed you will have to send us all the documentation pertaining to the case.

You will also need to provide us with all conversations you have had with the broker:

  • Messages (e.g., WhatsApp)
  • Mail
  • Phone numbers

Essential, for capital recovery, is the submission of all bills related to the currency transfer (€ or Crypto) that was transferred to the scam company.

Once this is done, if the documentation is deemed complete by our investigation department, we can start with the investigation. Otherwise, if the documentation is deemed uncomplicated, we will ask you to supplement it.

Having obtained the complete documentation, the investigation is divided into two major macro areas: the first team of investigators will take care of discovering the identity of the individuals who committed the scam; the second team of investigators will take care of conducting financial investigations in order to arrive at the recovery of the embezzled capital.

How we recover credits

The investigations we carry out in order to arrive at the identification of the perpetrators who perpetrated the crime of fraud are computer-technical investigations carried out through sophisticated virtual software capable of reaching the wallet where the capital is allocated, that is, through relevant inquiries to the companies that manage and store the data and communications that have taken place with the fraudsters.

These activities have been refined over the years and made available to our clients to achieve the primary goal (that of credit recovery) as well as the secondary goal (the satisfaction of arriving at a well-deserved conviction for fraudsters).

With reference to financial scams, if the money has been transferred by wire transfer, it is certainly possible to trace it back to the bank and the beneficiary of the bank account where the same money went.

All banks have an obligation for anti-money laundering purposes to conduct customer due diligence as well as report suspicious transactions: for these reasons, our activity will also be directed toward the bank of reference which will necessarily have to disclose to the authorities:

  • all transactions that occurred on the bank IBAN of reference, i.e., to which you transferred the money;
  • Who the account holder is.

This is essential data because even if, as presumed, the money has been moved and the account holder is not the fraudster, through the transactions it will always be possible to trace who has embezzled your money which cannot physically disappear.

In addition, even if the bank is located abroad, investigations can be carried out because there are “judicial cooperation” mechanisms between states aimed at unmasking perpetrators who commit transnational financial crimes.

Our team is made up of people who are ready to intervene in case you want to entrust us with the file for debt collection that you think has been embezzled due to an online scam scenario.

Through our tried-and-true investigative method, we gave smiles back to people who had now lost hope of recovering the money that had been deceitfully taken from them.

With our investigations, we will be able to identify where your savings are located and make a request to return the amount.